Springfield Pond Wetland restoration underway

The Truxor in action on Springfield Pond

Restoration works are underway at the Springfield Pond Wetland, according to Central Coast Councillor, Jeff Sundstrom.
The wetland became overrun with noxious weeds following a severe storm in 2015.
Since then, Springfield residents have watched on as the Wetland was increasingly consumed by weeds.
Residents were especially concerned about the pond after reports that wildlife had drowned after becoming entangled in weeds.
According to Springfield resident, Glenys Ray, the community was extremely concerned about the safety risk that the weeds now represented, both to wildlife and unsuspecting children.
Concerns were also held surrounding the spread of the main weed, Salvinia Molesta, and its potential impact on nearby homes, should its spread continue to be left unchecked.
Ray took the Springfield residents’ concerns to a Central Coast Council meeting in September, 2018, and urged Council to act.
In December, 2018, Council approved $10,000 for stage one of rehabilitation works, including the creation of a temporary barrier to contain the Salvinia Molesta, which will be removed from the pond after spraying.
An amphibious bobcat, called a Truxor, was also contracted to assist with the works.
Cr Sundstrom said the Truxor had begun working on the weeds and Council was preparing to undertake the next part of stage one works.
“The next step is to mechanically remove some of the weeds to the banks of the pond where they will de-water,” Cr Sundstrom said.
“The refuse will then be removed from site.
“Meanwhile, the weevil as a pest insect utilised in weed control, will also be introduced, and it looks like the weather will be prime for the weevil to do its best work,” he said.
Cr Sundstrom said the works were a win for the Springfield community.
“Congratulations to Glenys and the rest of the folk at Springfield and beyond that have been working so hard to ensure the best environmental outcome, and thanks also to Council staff for their efforts and input.
“Let’s hope it’s a case of good bye and good riddance to our old mate Salvinia Molesta,” Cr Sundstrom said.
“The residents and community are very excited to see some action take place to improve this precious pocket of wetland,” said Ray.

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