Sticking to planning rules is better for the majority

Central Coast Mayor, Jane Smith, has stressed the need for Council to enforce its own planning controls (Coast Community News edition 199).
She obviously knows, along with many of us ratepayers who have had dealings with the planning department at Council, that favourable decisions on developments can be had.
DCPs and LEPs, and many other planning rules, are decided on by the personal preference of one or two individuals who are allowed to ignore planning and environmental rules that have cost tens of thousands of dollars to research and implement.
Architects on their websites regularly spruik: “helping you to get your DA passed by Council”.
Obviously, they believe they have some influence on the decision.
Many of these DAs granted contrary to planning controls pit neighbour against neighbour, and negatively impact on the visual appeal of many Council areas.
Adhering strictly to the planning controls will result in less work and stress for Council employees and one must question why they persist in making decisions which ignore Council’s own planning provisions, or indeed why are they allowed to?

Email, Jan 18
Don Bate, Forresters Beach

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