Lake Munmorah to have a regional skate park

Plans for Lake Munmorah park

A regional recreation facility will be built at Lake Munmorah.
The recreation area will be on Tall Timbers Rd, opposite the shopping centre, and between the football field, Gumbayah Oval.
There will be an access road off Tall Timbers Rd to both the oval and a car parking area at the recreation facility, which will incorporate a skate park, a play space, passive recreation area, and two natural areas earmarked for environmental protection.
It is anticipated that the creation of this facility will provide an inclusive recreational space for a range of ages, ability and skills, attract families to congregate in the area, provide a safe and accessible venue for community activities and attract regional and significant skate events.
Lake Munmorah Progress Association Secretary, Stuart Drury, said that “all things considered, I think this site is acceptable to the wider community.
“It will be a lot of money and will be a good boost for the area.
“It will be a regional skate park, so it will suit people at Chain Valley Bay too, and it’s next to the football oval.
“We have asked Council that the existing skateboard ramp in Acacia Ave, Lake Munmorah, be retained.
“It is a modest ramp adjacent to the netball courts and we’ve asked that it not be demolished, but have some sort of maintenance.
“This would still be used by some people living in Lake Munmorah,” Drury said.
The community is invited to attend a pre design creative workshop and feedback will play an important part in the next step of developing a concept design for the new recreation area.
There were two workshops held on February 6.
The pre design phase of the project closes on Monday, February 11, and Council will then present back to the community for further consultation once the concept plans have been developed.

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Interview: Stuart Drury
Feb 4
Lake Munmorah Progress Association
Sue Murray, Journalist

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