Narara rapist pleads guilty

The Woongarrah man accused of abducting and raping a 12-year-old girl in Narara, as she walked to school on May 15, 2017, has pleaded guilty to all 10 charges of aggravated and indecent sexual assault of a minor and kidnapping laid against him in relation to the incident, during a trial held in Gosford Criminal Court on January 31.
In an Agreed Statement of Facts read in court, it was revealed the man, who at the time was a contractor worker for the National Broadband Network, planned the attack and subsequent sexual assault after learning that children frequently utilised the secluded walking track whilst working in the area.
The court was told that the attack was meticulously planned, with the man, whose identity has been supressed for legal reasons, having waited in nearby bushland in a camouflage ghillie suit, for a victim.
It then heard how the 33-year-old man coerced his victim to follow him into bushland, under threat of physical violence, before he bound and gagged her.
He then sexually assaulted the 12-year-old before tying her to a tree and raping her.
After the attack, the man let the girl go, and she fled to Narara Public School.
Police and Emergency services were then called to the scene.
The man, who has been detained since his arrest in August, 2017, pleaded guilty via video-link.
He will be sentenced in April.

Court case, Jan 31
Court notes, Jan 31
Dilon Luke, Journalist

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