Jemma was part of successful NSW team

Jemma Smith

Umina surf sport athlete Jemma Smith has returned from the 2019 Surf Lifesaving Interstate Championships with a winner’s title for a second year in a row.
Jemma was a part of the NSW team that successfully toppled their rivals Queensland to retain the Interstate Crown.
NSW put on a dominating performance at Sydney’s Newport Beach where the titles were held, streaking home in undisputed winners with a final point score of 289, well above Queensland’s 259 and third-placed WA’s 168.
“It’s always exciting to be able to come down to the Interstate Championships as it’s a great indication to see how you are faring against some of the best athletes in the country,” said Jemma.
“To me it’s a huge honour to represent NSW.”

Media release, 25 Jan 2019
Liam Howitt, SLS NSW

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