West St development to be considered by Council

A proposed development for the corner of West and Morris Sts, Umina, will go before Central Coast Council tonight, February 11, with a recommendation from council staff to approve the proposal.
The application for 20 residential apartments above retail and commercial space and carparking in the basement is “considered reasonable” and “in the public interest”, according to the 100-plus page planning staff assessment.
The proposal from Owner Sans Filter Pty Ltd would see the demolition of a two-storey commercial building at 211 and 213 West St and, in its place, the construction of a five-storey block of 20 apartments at an estimated cost of $7.6 million.
When the original application was lodged in July 2017, the council received 31 submissions objecting to the proposal.
In June 2018, the applicant lodged amended plans, which attracted 24 submission objecting and one submission in support.
In July 2018, Councillors Louise Greenaway and Jeff Sundstrom asked that the application be brought before Council for determination in the event staff recommended approval.
The current proposal is above the maximum height by 6.8 per cent.
It is above the four storey height allowed in the Gosford Local Environment Plan by one storey or 25 per cent.
It is above the floor space ratio by 10 per cent.
The site falls 9.34 per cent short of the required 1000 square metres for such a development.
The height of the facade to Morris St is 50 per cent above Gosford Development Control Plan 2013 guidelines and an external wall height would be 19 per cent above.
But the council report says that while the development is contrary to several requirements envisaged for the Umina Village Centre, on balance, the design is supported.
The report said: “It is considered that the proposal is consistent with the stated objectives of the zone and is consistent with the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development as specified within the Local Government Act 1993.’’
The report said the the proposed mixed use development was designed to lift the architectural standard of the eastern end of the Umina Beach town centre entry and offset the poor built quality of the existing building to the south east (on the corner of Rickard Rd and West St).
Umina resident Mr Bill Gregg said mayor Cr Jane Smith was on the record saying she wants to stop non- complying development applications being approved by Council.
She might like to start with this building application, he said.
“The principal consultant for the developer admits the current application does not comply with several of our council’s current planning controls,’’ Mr Gregg said
“Forty local residents took the time to object to the submission.
“Morris St is a quiet street used by many pedestrians, and during weekdays used as parking by employees of local businesses.
“If there is to be a land mark building in Umina Beach, it should be in the middle of the shopping centre and it should comply with council regulations.
“Developers and consultants should not be allowed to change our council regulations to suit their developments.
“Changes to council regulations should be made by our elected councillors after consultation with local residents,” he said.

Central Coast Council agenda 2.1, 11 Feb 2019
Email 24 Jan, 2019
Bill Gregg, Umina

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