Professor to speak at seminar

The Central Coast branch of Dying with Dignity NSW, will host a seminar featuring Professor of Intensive Care, Ken Hillman, at The Hive, Erina Fair, on February 15.
Prof Hillman is a Professor of Intensive Care at the University of NSW, Foundation Director of the Simpson Research Centre for Health Services Research, a member of the Ingham Institute of Applied Medical Research, and the author of, A Good Life to the End: Taking control of our inevitable journey through ageing and death.
Prof Hillman’s book accounts for his experiences with the suffering of terminally ill elderly people in hospitals, and the political debate around assisted dying, and will be the focus of the seminar.
“A huge majority of people at the end of their lives want to die at home, but only a small number manage to do this.
“In my book I ask why,” Prof Hillman said.
“Many of us have experienced an elderly loved one coming to the end of their life in a hospital, over-treated, infantilised, and worst of all, facing a death without dignity.
“Families are being herded into making decisions that are not of benefit to the dying.
“In Intensive Care Units across the country, people’s lives are being prolonged against their wishes, which only serves to prolong their pain and suffering,” Prof Hillman said.
Dying with Dignity Central Coast branch member, Joy Shannon, said Prof Hillman’s book is a catalyst for the political debate around assisted dying.
“Prof Hillman’s work is a rallying cry for anyone who’s had to witness the unnecessary suffering of a loved one.
“It sparks debate, challenges the status quo, and changes lives, and we are thrilled to be hosting him on the Coast,” Shannon said.

Media release, Feb 3
Joy Shannon, Dying with Dignity Central Coast

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