Greens have been pursuing answers to issues raised

In reply to Gary Blaschke’s letter in Wyong Regional Chronicle edition 157, we would like to remind readers that the Greens have been pursuing answers to the issues raised for many years and are working hard to continue to do so.
As early as 2015, former Greens Senator, Lee Rhiannon, demanded answers into toxic chemicals PFOS and PFOA, used in firefighting foam around Australia since the 1970s, and subsequently initiated a Senate Inquiry.
Back in 2013, the late, Dr John Kaye, Greens MLC, came up to Lake Macquarie to campaign on the ash dams around Eraring Power Station, a fight that has since been taken up by Upper House candidate, Abigail Boyd.
Former Greens MLC, Jan Barham, raised the issue of cancer clusters in the Tweed region in 2016, and Greens have long recognised the health hazards posed by many industrial practices and have pushed for stronger environmental regulations.
Better public planning has been a key plank of MLC, David Shoebridge’s, portfolio for many years.
Most recently, he has spoken on this issue at the launch of the Lake Macquarie Greens 2019 State Election campaign and highlighted our own “Opal Tower” example in Charlestown.
Justin Field, MLC, launched the Greens NSW policy on seismic testing on the Newcastle Day of Action against offshore drilling.

Email, Feb 15
Ingrid Schraner, Lake Macquarie Greens

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