We need to plan for oil spill disasters

As the Federal Government plans to put oil or gas rigs off our coastline without any Central Coast community consultation, we have a major dilemma with the possibility of not being able to clean up any major spills on our beaches.
An assortment of energy companies has lined up to be part of the pot of gold that sits off our coast, with the latest being MMR.
Their 2018 financial report has their total assets at $10.5m.
The big spill in 2010 by BP Deep Horizon, cost $61.6b to clean up.
In 1989, the Exxon Valdez $3.8b, with 100 miles of coastline off California in 2015 costing $62m, all way above the capability of the companies trying to make money out of any future disasters.
God forbid the chances of a disaster, yet each of the disasters above also had environmental reports that stated nothing would occur.
Who would pay for any disaster, as it would fall back on taxpayers of Australia, considering we have no environmental bonds imposed?

Email, Feb 6
Gary Blaschke, Lake Munmorah

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