Developers should not be able to change regulations

Our mayor Cr Jane Smith wants to stop non- complying development applications being approved by Council.
She may like to start with the building application for a five-storey building, incorporating, shops and 23 apartments on the corner of West and Morris St, Umina.
The principal consultant for the developer admits the current application does not comply with several of our Council’s current planning controls.
Forty local residents took the time to object to the submission.
Morris St is a quiet street used by many pedestrians, and during weekdays used as parking by employees of local businesses.
The number of residents in Morris St will more than double with the 23 apartments.
Morris St is at the far end of the West St shopping centre.
If there is to be a land mark building in Umina, it should be in the middle of the shopping centre and it should comply with regulations.
Developers and consultants should not be allowed to change our council regulations to suit their developments.
Changes to council regulations should be made by our elected councillors after consultation with local residents.

Email, 14 Feb 2019
Bill Gregg, Umina

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