Bus service needed for children and shoppers

I was interested in reading the email from Joan Dalland in the Peninsula News edition 462 about buses on the Killcare peninsula.
I have lived on the Pacific Panorama Estate at Umina Beach since 1998 and we don’t have any buses.
To make matters worse, we don’t even have a footpath.
Over the years, the original children have now grown up and have cars of their own.
This of course means the volume of traffic up and down has dramatically increased.
This all poses a severe threat for the school children and young mum’s pushing pushchairs and fitness fanatics who walk up and down the hill all hours of the day and night.
While our hill is certainly steep, added to this a very sharp curve half way up which means that cars don’t see the walkers until they are almost on top of them.
I have driven a 22-seater bus up the hill myself so I know it can easily be done.
Numerous requests for help from Local Members over the years has resulted in no change.
Residents would, I’m sure, be happy with a service for school children and perhaps a shoppers’ bus during the middle of the day.
Please help before a major accident happens.

Email, 5 Feb 2019
Jayne Mote, Umina Beach

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