Restore title of Venice of Australia

Soon the latest major development for Ettalong, the Atlantis, will be opening.
New residents and shopkeepers will be busy spending thousands of dollars in fitting out their new apartments and shops.
Shopkeepers will be praying for fine weather with hopefully plenty of tourists and visitors arriving on a restored ferry service.
The Oyster Festival will be over and hopefully the lingering argument between the Diggers Club and the Chamber of Commerce will be resolved.
Needless to say, the community will still be without footpaths and kerbing on over 70 roads and streets and the dusty potholes will still be there for us to stumble over.
Our councillors will probably dream up some new project that will cost millions to build something somewhere, but not on the Peninsula.
Shopkeepers and Peninsula residents will be kept guessing whether further work will be undertaken to keep our ferry service running.
Will Council stump up the $1.25 million to match the NSW Government’s offer to continue the dredging works or will they pretend they haven’t funds available?
Hopefully our dreams of recovery will all come true and the new shopkeepers and residents of Atlantis (will) find Ettalong the place they had always waited for.
Woy Woy Peninsula was once known as the Venice of Australia and with the persistence of the community plus Council’s help that title may again be restored.

Email, 19 Feb 2019
Rod Fountain, Booker Bay

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