Burgess family launch petition to oppose parole

The family of a 15-year-old girl who was brutally murdered in Forresters Beach in 2005, have launched a petition to keep their daughter’s murderer behind bars.
Tania Burgess was walking home from school when she was attacked by another teenager who can only be described by his initials, DL, due to being a minor at the time.
DL, who was unknown to Burgess outside of catching the same bus to different schools, stabbed her 48 times.
She died in the arms of her parents, Chris and Mandy Burgess, who came rushing to her aid.
The attack was committed in broad daylight and the Burgess’ insist it was a calculated assault with the accused having to have stalked Tania to ascertain the route she used to walk to her home from the bus stop.
DL served 13 and a half years in jail and is now being considered for parole.
The Burgess’ have now launched a public appeal calling on NSW Minister for Corrections, David Elliot, to deny the parole request.
They are also calling for the NSW Government to amend the identification law of serious offenders when they turn 18, so they can be identified to the public.
The couple have launched a Change.org petition to be delivered to Minister Elliot.
Since its launch in late January, the petition has recorded more than 108,000 signatures of its 150,000 goal.
“We are saddened and frightened to know that our legal system can allow someone who so savagely murdered our daughter become eligible for parole after just 13 years,” Mandy Burgess said.
DL, now 29, was convicted of Tania’s murder and sentenced to 22 years’ imprisonment with a non-parole period of 17 years, but due to a successful technical appeal launched in 2018, off the back of amendments to juvenile sentencing laws, he is now eligible to be considered for parole, effective immediately.
The Burgess’ maintain that despite the appeal, DL is a danger to the community and should under no circumstances be paroled.
“The image of seeing our daughter die and the state she was in will be burned into our minds forever.
“If released, DL will still be a threat to the community at large.
“He has shown no remorse or any kind of rehabilitation during his time in incarceration, and he has still to this day, never admitted his guilt despite the plethora of forensic evidence and Tania’s own identification of him as her killer to the first responder before she died,” Mandy Burgess said.
“We feel Tania deserves more justice than this.
“Her life was cut short and we are so deeply saddened by the loss of our daughter, and knowing that the man that killed her could potentially be released without a name or face for the community to watch out for is very upsetting,” Mandy Burgess said.

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