Conservatorium introduces new music classes

The Central Coast Conservatorium has launched a new series of music classes for children.
The music classes are available for children aged 0 to 10 with classes broken down into age groups to better facilitate an appropriate level of music comprehension skills.
In each class, a stimulating range of musical experiences is offered, including bouncing and patting rhymes, singing with the child as a way of encouraging vocalisation, and moving to music.
As the child grows older, more advanced concepts are introduced, such as, learning short songs, listening games, moving to music, how to keep a steady beat, moving to a specific rhythm and experimenting with finding their own singing voice.
Activities are repeated and built upon so children can start to memorise actions, words and melodies, which develops memory and coordination skills.
Children’s Music Program teacher, Jo McMahon, believes participating in early childhood classes is one of the best things you can do with children, from babies up to pre-schoolers.
“Apart from building brain pathways, especially for language, music is fun and interactive.
“Parents bond with their children in a very special way as they attend all classes up to the age of three years,’’ McMahon said.
“Music is one of the first memories formed and the last to go.
“We attach musical memories to all of the important milestones in our lives, whether they’re happy or sad,” she added.

Media release, Feb 11
Meldi Arkinstall, Central Coast Conservatorium

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