Fast train mention is just a vote catcher

NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, made the announcement about a fast train between Sydney and Gosford during a press stop at Gosford Station on December 5, 2018.
This statement by the Premier is just a vote catching idea.
Yet the same Premier has failed to put lifts in at Tuggerah Station, which she said she would when she was Transport Minister.
In the real world, of real people, the Premier has made a fantasy statement.
Let’s look at the facts: Has the Hawkesbury River Rail Bridge foundations been given an engineering clearance certificate of safety?
If it has, then why are the safety buoys still floating around at the last part of the bridge, at the Brooklyn end?
Does the Premier know?
Is she game enough to say?
When the Berejiklian express trains pass through Cowan, the rail line drops 300ms to the Hawkesbury River Rail Bridge.
How will the driver pull the fast train up at say 200kms per hour?
It would be impossible to stop.
The Cowan Bank, as it was known by railmen, is one of the steepest grades in a short distance in NSW.
The Premier needs to explain how the express train will travel down Cowan Bank.
Once the train passes over the Hawkesbury Rail Bridge, the line goes from left to right many times until it reaches Woy Woy.
Then the train follows the shoreline of the Bays suburbs until it reaches Gosford.
So where will the new train line go, as the existing line will not take the express train?
The city of Sydney is a mess.
Just look at George St and other city streets.
It has taken years to build a light rail system and billions of dollars, so how long would it take the Berejiklian Government to build a fast train line and at what cost?
If Premier Berejiklian had been the Premier in the 20’s and 30’s, the Harbour Bridge would still be on the drawing board.
The people of Sydney and NSW can thank the Premier of the day, as he was a realist, for having the bridge built in seven years and now coming up on its 87th year.

Letter, Jan 9
Vic Wulf, Gosford

Editor’s Note* Since the writing of Mr Wulf’s letter the Berejiklian Government has committed to upgrading Tuggerah Station if re-elected

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