Henry Kendall celebrates high achieving HSC students

Henry Kendall High School’s Class of 2018 was one of the school’s highest Higher School Certificate achieving cohorts ever, according to Principal, Andrew Backhouse.
“Our HSC results in 2018 provided exciting and outstanding outcomes.
“The Band 6 results (over 90 per cent in any given course) were 7.2 per cent of our total results.
“This is the third highest number ever achieved at Henry Kendall High School,” Backhouse said.
On top of this, 36.7 per cent of all results were in the top two bands (80 per cent or higher in any given course).
“This is the highest percentage of Band 5 results achieved at this school,” Backhouse said.
The highest ranking student was, Hannah Yeadon, who attained an ATAR of 94.85, closely followed by, Elizabeth Kemister, with an ATAR 94.65.
Nine students attained ATAR’s in the 90’s.
The school’s highest individual examination result went to, Sophie Eickleman, who achieved a 98 per cent rating in the Music course.
“Congratulations to the students of the 2018 Year 12 cohort, and to the fabulous teachers who have taken them through.
“Henry Kendall High School has been placed as the top comprehensive school on the Central Coast in the HSC, an achievement we have attained in four of the past five years, and one of which we are very proud,” Backhouse said.

Newsletter, Feb 15
Andrew Backhouse, Henry Kendall High School

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