Medical emergency during pelican feeding

Marine Rescue Tuggerah Lakes responded to a medical emergency near the pelican feeding area at The Entrance Waterfront/Memorial Park on March 2.
At around 3:30pm, as the pelican feeding was beginning, a medical emergency arose with a lady sitting on the ground.
Marine Rescue Tuggerah Lakes Leading Crew, Bob Sutton, assisted the lady to her feet and managed to get her away from the crowd, when she collapsed and ceased breathing.
Sutton commenced chest compressions while phoning 000.
After some 15 to 20 compressions, he was joined by Marine Rescue Tuggerah Lakes’, Craig Roberts, who assessed her for CPR breaths as she started shallow breathing and regained some responsiveness.
Roberts placed her in the recovery position as she slowly regained further consciousness.
The two Marine Rescue volunteers were then assisted by an off duty nurse who happened to be in the crowd.
Marine Rescue continued to monitor the woman until an ambulance arrived to transport her to Wyong Hospital.
Following this incident, Marine Rescue Tuggerah Lakes were again tasked to the waterfront to reports an elderly woman had fallen and suffered extensive facial damage.
Sutton, and an ambulance attendant from the first incident, administered first aid and monitored the woman until a second ambulance arrived.
It was a busy day for the on duty crew who had already conducted a rescue on Tuggerah Lake that morning with a Jet Ski requiring towing back to the North Entrance Boat Ramp from the mouth of Wyong River.

Media release, Mar 3
John Sutton, Marine Rescue Tuggerah Lakes

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