Mental healthcare forum held

The Central Coast Branch of the Australian Psychological Association (APS) hosted a mental healthcare forum at Mingara Recreation Club on February 28, in a bid to improve outcomes for people on the Central Coast who struggle with mental health issues.
The Chair of the APS Central Coast branch, Sue McConaghey, said the forum was urgently needed because the Government and private practicing psychologists were straining to meet the community need for services.
“The Central Coast faces a number of issues including over representation of domestic violence, child abuse notifications and suicide rates.
“Mental healthcare providers are stretched to meet service demand and there are long waiting periods for assistance, which often compounds people’s problems,” McConaghey said.
“People often have to wait an unacceptably long time to get an appointment with a Psychologist.
“There are over 200 Psychologists working on the Central Coast and all of us are stretched to the limit,” she added.
Despite the pressure local Psychologists were under, McConaghey said that commitment to patients remained their number priority.

Media release, Mar 1
Reg Davis, Australian Psychological Association, Central Coast branch

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