Volunteers sought for back pain study

University of Newcastle, Ourimbah Campus, PhD candidate, Sean Sadler, is looking for volunteers with and without chronic low back pain to participate in a clinical trial evaluating how effective some common allied health treatments for back pain really are, and how they may work.
“On the Central Coast, approximately 20 per cent of presentations to General Practitioners are for chronic back pain.
“However, the actual number of people with the condition is likely to be much higher,” Sadler said.
“Sufferers often report pain that reduces their quality of life and limits participation in activities of daily living.
“The reasons for the development of chronic low back are often complex and multifactorial.
“In some cases, the exact reason for the back pain is not clearly identifiable.
“This is the type of back pain we are researching, in the hope that we can develop a better understanding of the condition and treatment options, therefore improving the management of sufferers,” Sadler said.
Volunteers will be asked to attend the University of Newcastle, Ourimbah campus or Wyong Hospital, for 1-2 hours, on 2-3 occasions.
Participants will complete a few short surveys which will be followed by the researchers conducting a number of non-invasive clinical measurements.
Following this, participants will be assigned to a treatment group.

Media release, Feb 25
Sean Sadler, University of Newcastle Ourimbah Campus

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