We need to know candidate’s opinions on issues

The Central Coast faces many dilemmas, none more crucial than selecting candidates who represent the people and not just their party.
With the NSW State elections only weeks away, and not long after that, the Federal elections, it is so crucial that the entire community understands each of the candidate’s opinions.
The Community Plan Central Coast was written by dozens of learned local residents representing nearly every aspect of life.
It was presented to Central Coast Council to help them understand the real issues within our society.
The group behind the Plan has formulated a questionnaire of what we think are the top 10 issues confronting the Central Coast.
It covers local, state and federal issues, as all three levels of government make decisions that impact on our lives, and we the people of the Central Coast would like to know their opinions, especially if they wish to represent us.
Unfortunately, the government has changed the NSW Electoral Commission rules of announcing the prospective candidates and their contact details, a blight on democracy, as I, a ratepayer of the Central Coast, and a voter, don’t know all the candidates or what they stand for and may never do so on the following ten subjects, covering youth issues, the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036, population growth, seismic testing off our coastline, PFAS contamination of our lakes, fossil fuel extractions, climate change, ash dams and storage, Wallarah 2 Coal mine and Mangrove Mountain illegal tip.
If you intend to run for a seat on the Central Coast, whether it is in the State or Federal elections, or you are a current Councillor, you really need to respond to these questions to inform your constituents of your views, or your party’s views.
If not, we can only assume that these issues are not part of your agenda and we will vote accordingly.

Email, Feb 28
Gary Blaschke, Lake Munmorah

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