Bob Doyle, The Greens

Bob Doyle is an educator and maker of short films who believes we can do politics differently.
“We can learn to listen to the custodians of the land we live on, old and new, and create a better future,” he said.
“Anger at decisions that impact on the quality of our air, water and life is growing.
“The Wallarah 2 coal mine approval, the threat of seismic testing off our Coast, followed by oil and gas exploration, and the incredibly unfair and undemocratic funding arrangements of the major parties, are all signs of a rotten core in the climate change century.”
Doyle said he wanted to create a caring community that respects biodiversity, promotes high quality free and accessible public education and returns power to community decisions about development and public assets.
He said he would support measures to combat climate change, listen to youth, improve medical services, including palliative care, and engage with First Peoples’ voices.
“I support the return of local planning powers to our Council and the community,” he said.
“Our planning system has become too complex and impossible to navigate without specialist lawyers.
“Our elected councillors, our residents, ratepayers and our local business need certainty that they have the first and the final say on what gets planned and what gets built in their local area.
“We have seen persistent attempts by successive state governments to fit local planning into a state-wide template.
“This has favoured large developers but it has been a failure for our communities.
“Our Council, working with communities should set the appropriate planning limits and it should have the power to make variations to suit local needs.
“The Greens will work to scrap our byzantine Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and replace it with fair and comprehensible new legislation.”

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