Complaints about NRMA fence ‘being investigated’

Complaints about the siting of a fence at the NRMA Ocean Beach Holiday Park are being investigated, according to Cr Chris Holstein.
Umina resident Anthony Shannon told the Peninsula News a recently erected high fence blocks a long established public walkway from Umina Oval to the ocean.
But the NRMA management said the fence was on its property.
NRMA parks and resorts general manager Ms Deborah Holland said that, prior to any construction, surveying work was done to define the perimeter of the land under the park’s lease.
“A fence was then erected on land within our property boundary to secure a segment of the park perimeter and provide additional security for our guests,’’ she said.
“To provide some background, we as operators and owners of the NRMA Ocean Beach Holiday Resort have a responsibility to secure our park, and provide a safe environment for our guests.
“The fence has closed off public access to our private property in a section of our park through which local residents may have accessed the beach.
“There are multiple alternate options for locals to access the beach without requirement to traverse the park, including the option to turn left at the park boundary to arrive near the front of the park wherein the road may be crossed to access a number of multiple purpose pathways on public land that connect to the beach.
“This route is known to be as quick if not quicker that the route through the park and poses no additional inconvenience for our local residents.’’
But Mr Shannon said the fence was clearly outside the limits of their lease and the fence blocks the long established public Ettalong-Kahibah Creek path from Umina Oval to the ocean.
“The question is, did the new Central Coast Council approve this fence?”
Cr Holstein said he would be checking on the siting of the fence, but he understood the fence was within their boundaries and was to stop unauthorised access by individuals.

Email, 22 Feb 2019
Anthony Shannon, Umina

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