Flavia Coleman, Animal Justice Party


Flavia Coleman is an author and public speaker who will focus on giving a voice to animals.
She will concentrate on freeing hens from battery cages and protecting our national icon – the kangaroo.
She will also advocate for urgent action to address climate change by protecting existing native forests and marine habitats, setting a renewable energy target and investigating and introducing more sustainable agricultural systems.
“For me, life is about living in harmony with nature and not at her expense,” she said.
“Living on the Central Coast is like living in paradise and as a candidate I would like to see its natural beauty preserved.
“I aim towards a world of non-selective compassion where each life is honoured as equally sacred.”
Flavia has taken part in a range of efforts to raise awareness about animal cruelty, including marches, rallies and public education campaigns. She is one of the organisers of monthly vigils at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. The vigils help educate the public about animal research; a practice which has been proven cruel and useless.
“I’d like to see more emphasis on healthy lifestyle and disease prevention rather than cure,” she said.
In 2003 she helped form a group of concerned citizens who successfully brought about legislative changes to stop surrendered pets in NSW pounds going to research.

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