Group urges residents to use on-demand bus

The Bays Community Group president Ms Cathy Gleeson is urging Bays residents to take advantage of an on-demand bus to Woy Woy station.
“The current service is on a three month trial.

“I encourage all residents of The Bays to investigate the service and utilise it when and where they can so we might secure this service for the future,” Ms Gleeson said.
“Community transport information cards were dropped into residents’ letterboxes promoting how to download the app or go to their website for further information.
“This service will run during peak times in the morning and afternoon, Monday to Friday, delivering a reliable and safe door-to-door transport service for commuters needing to get to Woy Woy station,” Ms Gleeson said.
“Bays Community Group members wrote to relevant authorities, including Minister for Transport Mr Andrew Constance, about getting The Bays included in the trial service so please make the most of it,” Ms Gleeson said.
According to Ms Gleeson, the group’s inquiries to Central Coast Council over recent months to see road and safety works implemented in the Bays have also borne fruit.
“We have also received a response from Council to correspondence we sent late last year, regarding pedestrian and transport improvements for the Bays.”
The council had responded: “The provision of a shared pathway to link the Bays area with Woy Woy has been previously investigated with two options identified -one option is along the Correa Bay and Horsfield Bay foreshore and the other option was along Woy Woy Rd.
“The foreshore option identified significant environmental and Aboriginal heritage issues, therefore only the Woy Woy Rd option has been incorporated into the draft Central Coast Bike Plan.
“The draft Bike Plan and Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan are currently being finalised, taking into account the comments and feedback received during the recent public exhibition period.
“The Bays Community Group’s comments have been included in the feedback being reviewed in finalising these Plans.
“Once finalised, these documents will be updated and reported to Council for consideration.”

Newsletter, 23 Feb 2019
Cathy Gleeson, The Bays Community Group

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