Hillary Morris, The Greens

As a past Greens councillor for the former Gosford Council, Hillary Morris said she had seen the impact poor planning has on the Peninsula.
“Time and again development applications which did not meet the planning guidelines were approved, despite community opposition,” she said.
“I have seen the community’s ability to object to DAs being eroded by the State Government – with its build at any cost mentality.
“I will work to ensure that, once again, you will have control over planning decisions that impact your community.
“With the threat of climate change being a major concern, we must ensure that developments work with the environment rather than against it.
“With the intensity of rainfall from extreme storms becoming the norm, flooding of local areas on the Peninsula must be addressed.
“The State Government needs to work with the local council (not against it as it does now) to ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place to protect you.”
Morris said The Greens would introduce rebates for household solar systems including batteries, and would rebuild TAFE.

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