Infrastructure catastrophe will follow non-compliance

Why was the development application for the five-storey development on the corner of West and Morris Sts, Umina, referred to councillors?
Only three councillors voted against the development approval (Peninsula News edition 464), which means voting for compliance, whereas the majority of councillors voted for non-compliance and won the day.
The mayor’s observation that the application included 20 non-complying points meant nothing.
Local Government is a sham. Non-compliance rules.
This fact has meant nothing to Rod Fountain (Peninsula News Forum edition 464) who believes the Peninsula can regain its lost character at the same time a major development in the form of the Atlantis development will be ready for occupation at the Ettalong foreshore.
As though we haven’t had enough examples of non-compliance, Central Coast Council publicly exhibits Central Coast Planning Controls, another pointless planning exercise to hoodwink the public.
Without a statement from the Council’s chief executive advising there will be 100 per cent compliance with the new LEP and DCP, the future is uncertain at risk of increased non-compliance.
Mr Fountain and others will not see the Woy Woy Peninsula restored to the Venice of Australia.
He will see Umina streetscape transformed into an infrastructure catastrophe.

Letter, 26 Feb 2019
Norm Harris, Umina

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