Jeff Sundstrom, Labor Party

As a firefighter for more than 35 years, Jeff Sundstrom has seen the best of our community in the worst of circumstances.
“I have seen what happens when governments cut services and stop investing in our region,” he said.
“As your local member I will fight for better funding for our local schools and hospitals, easing the cost of living on working families and protecting the environment that makes our community such a beautiful place to live.
“Labor does not believe proponents of local developments should be able to bypass councils and undermine community decisions reflected in an LEP.
“Labor will maintain existing processes to consider proposals which are state or regionally significant.
“Councils will still be able to submit zoning proposals to the Department of Planning and Environment in line with existing practice.
“Labor will give communities greater control over planning and development decisions by strengthening the role of Local Environmental Plans as the key planning document for local communities.
“We will promote an approach to planning for local communities which considers the whole community, rather than encouraging a narrow focus on individual sites; and increase certainty for local communities that their LEP will not be altered outside the normal review process.”

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