Judith Singer, Sustainable Australia

Judy Singer is a director of her family owned and operated small business.
After 30 years in business she has gained a wealth of practical business management expertise and life experience.
In recent years Singer has chosen to work part time so she can spend more time with her two young children and husband Nick, who, like thousands of Central Coast residents, commutes to Sydney for work.
Singer is involved in her local community and loves volunteering at her children’s school.
If elected, Singer will focus on campaigning for secure jobs, affordable housing, better planning, and a sustainable environment and population.
In particular, she will concentrate on better planning to stop overdevelopment.
Her goals include returning real planning power to local communities, delivering new community infrastructure before more housing and reducing population pressures by lowering Australia’s annual immigration intake from 200,000 back to the long term average of 70,000.

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