Larry Freeman, Shooters, Fishers and Farmers

Larry Freeman says the way NSW is governed needs to change.
“The two party system is an out of date relic and doesn’t provide the people of the Gosford electorate with the good representation they deserve,” he said.
“As the elected representative in this region I will hold the balance of power in the lower house which puts me in a unique position to negotiate the best possible outcome with both sides of the parliament.
“People need to ask themselves are they happy with the sale of public assets, the ever increasing cost of living and big promises never kept.
“If elected I will work to ensure Ettalong Channel remains navigable permanently, I will press the government to complete the Woy Woy Rail underpass, re-establish a full Service NSW office in Woy Woy and start work with the government on an upgrade to Woy Woy Hospital.
“I recognise the important role of Local Government in ensuring sustainable development in the region.
“Local Government is best placed to make local decisions within the set guidelines in the DCP and LEP.
“However State and Local Government should be able to work collaboratively on key regional projects when required.”

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