Patrick Murphy, Animal Justice Party

Patrick Murphy says he realises that standing as a candidate for a minor party such as the AJP in this election gives him a very small chance of getting elected.
“But I will truly represent those whose position makes the most sense, not those who have a position of privilege,” he said.
His prime concern is for animal rights issues.
He is determined to stop seismic testing for oil and gas off our coast and to see 1080 poisoning to be stopped and replaced with an immunosterilisation program.
He wants to stop the commercial and domestic breeding of cats and dogs until the pounds are empty.
But he is also concerned about several non-animal issues, including sensible planning laws.
“I am aware that the Central Coast Council updated its DCP on March 1,” he said.
“Non-compliance matters are commonly misunderstood, for example where there is LEP approval for three storey developments, but objections to DAs knock it down to single storey villas.
“Each case should be determined on its own merit and the council should not be a ‘tick-a-box’ department for approvals.”

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