Ask questions and understand the opinions of those you are voting for

The election quandary that Central Coast and Lake Macquarie voters have in the coming months, is which party or individual is serious about our climate, our beaches, our coast and our lifestyle.
Having political parties that ignore the toxic environment in which we now live, and turning a blind eye on future industries that will surely impact on our way of life and the future generation’s health, has to be the main issue for both the forthcoming State and Federal elections.
Let’s look at what we are now living with.
Massive proposals for over population, with 40,500 extra homes in the north alone, generating over 101,000 more residents, without any concern for major infrastructure.
Another proposal for $180m per annum of mineral extractions amongst those 40,500 new homes.
Air pollution from two main power stations creating serious health issues like asthma, cardio-vascular disease, increases in diabetes and an increase in low birth rates.
We have cancer cluster reports 20 per cent above the NSW average, yet the regional health authorities write it off as a socio economic problem, as we smoke cigarettes more on the Central Coast than those living in Sydney or Newcastle.
There are nine cancers identified in the university report regularly occurring in just five suburbs, all just south of the power stations.
Is it just a coincidence or not that pre-schoolers are being diagnosed with brain cancer, yet they haven’t yet taken up smoking?
Our Tuggerah Lakes system is dying a slow death, most problems being man made.
There are PFAS firefighting foams being discovered in Lake Munmorah with 50-year-old, unlined Ash Dams reported to be leaking and having asbestos mixed with clean fill, culminating with the shutting down of the government contractor.
Wow, I haven’t yet told you about the seismic testing potentially impacting on whales and marine life, with the outcome being oil or gas rigs off our coastline.
Now who are you voting for?
The Liberal State Government has announced they oppose seismic testing, yet their big brothers in the Federal Government want to put those gas or oil rigs off our beaches.
The State Labor Party have mixed opinions with most sitting on the fence and saying it’s a Federal issue, yet their Federal colleagues seem to be in favour by bringing the gas in through Tomago, near Newcastle.
I know I’m confused, but one thing is for sure; I think any Independent with one ounce of environmentalism or concern for our community’s health in his or her blood, is the person for me.
Check them out, ask questions and understand the opinions of those you are voting for, or you may just end up with a toxic Central Coast not worth living in.

Email, Feb 20
Gary Blaschke, Lake Munmorah

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