Ourimbah Region Resident’s Association still has concerns

The group of Ourimbah residents disappointed that Council planners could not attend a meeting to address their concerns about the master plan.

More than 60 disappointed Ourimbah residents attended the March meeting of Ourimbah Region Resident’s Association (ORRA) meeting, expecting to receive a detailed briefing on the Ourimbah Land Use Strategy and Masterplan from a representative of Central Coast Council.
Unfortunately, Central Coast Council declined to attend.
ORRA President, Di Willard, explained that ORRA had issued an invitation for council planning staff to attend the March meeting, however, despite numerous follow-up emails and phone calls, the news that Central Coast Council would not attend the ORRA meeting was not received “until the 11th hour”.
“This was very poor form on the part of the Council and demonstrates that the Council planners are more interested in ticking the box for community consultation rather than face the community,” Willard said.
A Council spokesperson said council staff were unable to attend the ORRA meeting as it clashed with another community consultation on the same day.
In order to accommodate the needs of ORRA, Council conducted a second community information session from 5pm to 8pm on March 14, which ORRA members were invited to attend.
Council staff reported that about 40 people attended and answered lots of questions and they were pleased with the public interaction.
The Council spokesperson said ORRA has been extensively involved throughout the study process and Council staff have attended previous meetings to discuss the Master Plan and Land Use Strategy.
ORRA President, Di Willard, said “two information nights run by Council would not be described as user friendly in terms of the operating hours in the first instance and the former Wyong Council Office venue in the second”.
“When details of the masterplan were explained, many members expressed anger at the proposal to allow three and four storey buildings in the town centre which Central Coast Council would engineer by rezoning and modifying the Local Environmental Plan (LEP).
“Other major concerns include the need for over $100m in infrastructure expenditure with no reference as to how it will be funded.
“This would allow developers open slather to build a mish-mash of multi storey buildings which will have no regard for the character and heritage of Ourimbah” Willard said.
She urged all Ourimbah residents to be informed and have their say by submitting a submission to Central Coast Council.
Submissions will be accepted up to March 28.

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Ourimbah Region Residents’ Association
Media statement, Mar 14
Central Coast Council

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