Two new playgrounds for Gwandalan

The preferred site for the new play space in South Eastern Park on the corner of Fairwater Dve and Peninsula Dve, Gwandalan

Gwandalan will get two new playgrounds, one of them after a long community battle when the developer of the Kanangra Dve subdivision “deleted” it off their plans.
One playground will be at Tunkuwallin Oval on Kanangra Dve, and the other at South Eastern Park, on the corner of Fairwater Dve and Peninsula Dve, in the new housing estate.
Councillor, Jillian Hogan, put forward the recommendation to proceed with the playgrounds at Council’s March 11 meeting, with support from Councillor, Doug Vincent.
Both gave a big tick to the Gwandalan and Summerland Point Improvement Group (GASPIG) for their work on this.
“There’s a history to this park, where it was deleted off the plan with the developers, and GASPIG has been fighting for three years to reinstate that park,” Cr Hogan said.
“I want to thank staff for finding a place to actually put that playground,” she said.
Cr Vincent said: “This is not the optimum outcome, this is a fall back position as far as having a park for that subdivision, but I think under the circumstances, it’s the best that we are going to get.
“I hope we don’t see this type of situation again with a subdivision, where community parks are just deleted out of them,” he said.
Cr Hogan said it wasn’t good enough that the NSW Department of Planning and Environment only publicly exhibited changes to plans on its website, and those matters should also go out to the relevant local government areas.
The report to Council said the South Eastern Park was not currently a developed park and, as such, would require more work than a standard play space replacement.
It would necessitate clearing, turf establishment, seating and some form of shade.
The estimated cost to undertake these works, including project management, is $200,000, and will be allocated in the 2020/21 Capital Works Budget.
A Council site inspection was held on February 4 and attended by GASPIG representatives who agreed with staff and Councillors that the South Eastern Park would be the best location of all the options for a play space in the new housing development off Kanangra Dve.
The Tunkuwallin Sporting Facility is identified in the draft 10-year Capital Works Program as a multi-year project with a total budget of $400,000, with $300,000 utilised in the 2020/21 financial year and $100,000 in the 2021/22 financial year.
Most of the funding for the Tunkuwallin play space will come from Section 7.11 Developer Contributions.
The original site in the draft masterplan had the play space situated between the field and the community hall, but there are alternative sites that could be utilised.
All designs for this space will go to extensive community consultation prior to construction.

Central Coast Council Ordinary Meeting, Mar 11
Item 3.4

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