Flood was 27th in five years

Flooding has occurred again on the Peninsula.
This is the 27th flood event since I began recording dates of these events since 2014.
The real concern now is that the latest flooding occurred at very low tide levels.
Will this latest flooding information be reported to the Joint Regional Planning Panel assessing the 160-bed aged care facility at 45 Hillview St, Woy Woy?
I have been advised by Council officers that the Woy Woy flood study is being updated and is intended to be publicly exhibited in 2020.
Residents should prepare in advance by recording information that indicates the extent of flooding on the Peninsula and how it effects their lifestyles, health and financial status.
This latest flooding event has made the Council’s Climate Change Policy and actions immediate and has brought 2050 to 2019.
Have the projections made for 2050 now a reality on the Woy Woy Peninsula?
Serious investigation is required, by the Council.
Have we experienced a fortunate climate change close encounter?

Letter, 18 Mar 2019
Norman Harris, Umina

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