More thought needed for pre-polling venue

Pre-polling is a wonderful innovation.
With the choice of the Woy Woy Sea Scouts Hall as pre-polling booth for the Peninsula area, plenty of parking and the beautiful scenery of the Brisbane Water close by and the chance for a sit in the lovely Lions Park, what could possibly go wrong?
The surrounding grounds of the hall proved to be not very safe at all.
Very uneven, lots of tree roots protruding, a bad slope on the entrance ramp which in the rain became quite slippery and no rail to hold onto.
With people on walkers, canes and assorted disabilities, this area made their wish to avoid the line up on polling day a hazardous trip.
The staff in the polling booth could not have been more helpful and understanding in a difficult situation.
Maybe a little more thought next time would be a good idea.

Email, 19 Mar 2019
Genny Murphy, Woy Woy

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