We didn’t win

I write this letter prior to the March 23 State Election and I have no way of knowing who won the election.
All I know is: we didn’t.
Whoever it was, the people of the Peninsula will, as always, be the losers.
I have lived in Woy Woy for 23 years and the Coast for nearly 40 years.
In that time, I have had politicians of all makes and models as my Local Member.
Some have been in government and plenty have been in Opposition.
I have heard more “If I am elected” promises than I have had hot dinners.
I particularly like “Over the term of the next Parliament I will …”, which is similar to the statement of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Sir Joseph Porter KCB “And I never thought of thinking for myself at all.”
I have seen grandiose plans that will forever reshape our Peninsula and give us a land flowing with milk and honey.
Like you, I am still waiting.
Whether it be Local, State or Federal candidates, we are guaranteed that all sorts of wonderful things will be done.
The vast majority never eventuate and are forgotten until the next election.
Have a look at the various promises made in the last weeks.
While the head honchos from Macquarie St, spruiked fantastic and wondrous things for NSW the list of goodies for us was pretty miserable.
Both sides promised more teachers, nurses and police but none of our candidates said exactly how many we might get or when.
There were promises of money for new schoolrooms and air-conditioning.
Again, no exact timing or numbers for us.
I just wonder how far down the list we are.
Bet we’re not on page one.
We are the forgotten part of everything, be it Council, State or Australia.
In this instance while other parts of NSW got money thrown at them for anything and everything we get the crumbs from her ladyship’s table.
Please Premier, whoever you are, can we just get a fair go, please?

Email, 15 Mar 2019
Lawrie Powell, Woy Woy

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