Everyone was friendly at polling booth except one party

On Saturday, March 23, I helped a man at a polling booth in Gosford handing out ‘How to vote’ cards for a friend.
It was only my second time doing this, the first being for Council elections.
Everyone was friendly and civil to each other, even helping to hand out ‘How to vote cards’ for other parties where they had no one to help, with the exception of the Coalition Party contingent.
Someone needs to remind this party that it isn’t about winning the race, it is about how you play the game.
At our booth, we arrived at 7:30am, to find that overnight the Coalition had plastered every available surface up and down the road with plastic streamers of advertising, plus a proliferation of posters and stands and people, leaving little room for others.
It was the same at other polling stations, so was obviously a head office decision.
In some cases, other parties’ posters were reportedly vandalised.
The police had to be called to shut down and remove a mobile LED sign in support of the Coalition Party which was parked across the road in a No Stopping Zone.
On display was an attitude of arrogance and entitlement (and extravagant funding) which left a bad taste.
Am I naïve in thinking voting should take place on a level playing field?
The Electoral Commission might like to address this gross imbalance, perhaps by limiting advertising on election day.

Email, Mar 25
Marilyn Steiner, Mangrove Mountain

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