No-go zone needs to be declared along all water courses

Regarding the Development Applications for land fill at Central Mangrove, Somersby and Kariong, all of these proposals are in totally unacceptable locations for many reasons.
The two most serious being that the mountain plateau supplies the Central Coast’s urban utility water and to the large expanses of national parks in our zone, for which perfect water and air is essential for their survival.
That our climate is getting drier makes these two negatives to be much more serious than cheap dumping sites for Sydney.
Whilst I was growing up in a farming family on the Mountain, no one could cultivate, run stock or put anything closer than a chain (22 feet) to any water course.
We understood this kept our water cycle healthy, and it did.
In about 1960, this rule was eroded by developer demand.
All my adult life, it has been an endless battle to cope with the bad effect on the water cycle and the water courses.
Please could we have some common sense and a no-go zone be declared along all water courses?
Let the mature be in control.
I think 22ft is a bit narrow considering the 2019 Development Applications.

Email, Mar 16
Margaret Pontifex, Mangrove Mountain

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