Youth Strike for Climate in Gosford

School Strike for Climate at Gosford

Around 350 school students and supporting adults took part in the Youth Strike for Climate, at Gosford Anglican Church, on March 15.
They joined thousands of students around the country, and many more worldwide, who took time out from their school day to make their voices heard on the lack of government action to combat climate change.
Organiser of the Gosford strike, Year 8 student, Ethan Hill, of Brisbane Water Secondary College, Umina campus, said he had been inspired to organise the event after witnessing the first school strike for climate in 2015.
“There were over 350 people in attendance, from babies through to grandparents,” he said.
“All of them are fearful of what the future holds if we don’t take urgent action now to stop Adani, to have no more new coal or gas, and to be using 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030.”
Hill was one of three student speakers at the rally.
He told the crowd that the item most thrown out on the Coast was food.
“One third of our red bins are (full of) edible food waste,” he said.
“You’re probably thinking, food is biodegradable, what’s the big deal?
“When biodegradable waste enters landfill, it releases a green house gas called methane, which is 23 times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide, contributing to global warming.”
Hill said the answer was in reducing, reusing and recycling.
“Reducing includes not buying excessive packaged products, fixing any broken items instead of putting them out for council pick up, and planning meals to reduce food waste.”
He encouraged the use of reusable shopping bags, coffee cups, water bottles and even straws.
Students from around 30 schools, from all over the Coast, both public and private, took part in the strike.
Hill said he would be calling other groups around Australia to discuss the success of the rallies.

Media release, Mar 15
Ethan Hill, Brisbane Water Secondary College, Umina Campus

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