Consider an independent

When it comes to proper representation of the Peninsula in government, elected party members simply can’t do the job.
They are hamstrung by their party’s policies and political ideologies, even if they are contrary to the best interests of the people who elected them.
It doesn’t matter how nice they are. They are party apparatchiks.
Disillusion with party politics by so many voters in Australia is rife.
If you number amongst them, your only sensible option is to vote for a local, progressive independent.
I exhort all Peninsula voters to take very seriously any independent candidates in the upcoming Federal elections.
Look at their policies and discuss your concerns with them.
Tell them your vision for the Peninsula.
After May, the cross benches in Federal Parliament could well hold the balance of power.
Having a progressive independent represent our interests on that cross bench would guarantee a better voice for us in parliament.
We could expect more to be done to benefit the social, economic and environmental equity in our region that has been sorely lacking for decades.

Email, 29 Mar 2019
Gregory Olsen, Empire Bay

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