Development action groups to consider joining forces

Three resident actions groups concerned about development standards are likely to come together to oppose non-compliant development.
A meeting is planned of the Residents for Responsible Ettalong Development, Save Woy Woy Waterfront and Save Our Woy Woy groups.
This will “allow members to come together and create a strong group to oppose all non-compliant developments on the Peninsula”, according to Save Our Woy Woy founder Mr Harvey McDougall.
Mr McDougall said the community had the right to expect that developments complied with planning controls.
“Unfortunately, there are too many which are going through that are non compliant,” he said.
Mr McDougall said the council had put itself in a difficult position.
With so many non-compliant developments, it made it difficult to refuse others.
“The precedent has been set.
“What is Council going to do?”
Mr McDougall said “allowable variances” should not exist in the planning controls.
Designers should be able to create properties that both fit within the planning controls and meet a high standard of design, he said.
“It used to happen before when we only had two levels of height as the limit.
“Surely in this age of technology, designs of the highest standard can be achieved without going outside the parameters.”
Mr McDougall said that the community needed to be fully consulted about planning provisions being applied to the Peninsula.
He said the Council was currently not helping and the State Government was ignoring the problem.
“It is time to bring all people to the table and work together for the benefit of the Peninsula.”
He said State parliamentarians, councillors and planning staff should be involved and listen to the community, and not just “the ever- present developers”.

Media Release, 3 April 2019
Harvey McDougall, Save Our Woy Woy

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