Ettalong may not get recycling bins

Ettalong may not get new recycling bins in its main street until June next year, if at all.
It was reported in the last issue of Peninsula News that Ettalong was scheduled to get recycling bins in its main street in the next round of the Central Coast Council’s bin renewals program, before the end of June.
However, Council staff have since advised that they are only “looking at” installing the bins and that they will not be installed unless funding for them is approved.
If approved, the funds would come in the next financial year and therefore the bins would not be installed before July and may come as late as June next year.
The report was also incorrect in attributing the sole source of the information to the Council’s quarterly report, where in fact the information about the bins in Ettalong was supplied by Cr Chris Holstein.

Media statement, 25 Feb 2019
Trudy Hurley, Central Coast Council

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