Seriously reckless behaviour in school traffic

As a resident of Sydney Ave, I have to agree with Umina Beach Public School principal Lyn Davis (Peninsula News edition 466), regarding the traffic outside the school, during the drop-off and collection times.
There is definitely a problem with double parking.
When two cars are parked side-by-side, vehicles behind these cars cannot pull away from the kerb safely, as their visibility is completely blocked.
There is an equally dangerous situation created when drivers make U-turns across double lines.
Dozens of drivers make these illegal turns every day.
Children learn by example and they watch their parents make these dangerous turns.
There is a roundabout at the end of the street to facilitate a safe turn to the opposite side of the road.
Some parents would rather act irresponsibly than take an extra 10 seconds to make a safe turn.
As I reverse from my driveway, I have been almost run into by people making U-turns and not even looking for other cars on the road.
This is seriously reckless behaviour.

Email, 2 Apr 2019
Kate Quarmby, Umina Beach

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