Tesch calls for community control of local planning

Member for Gosford Ms Liesl Tesch has come out in support of calls to retain community control of local planning.
“The measures were developed for and by our local community and that is what the community expects.
“Alongside our community, I want to see quality development, compliant heights and floor space ratios, and infrastructure investment by the Liberal government, not a planning take-over.”
She said the call for unrepresentative planning panels was like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.
“We all want to maintain our own style and strong sense of community, and do not need the Berejiklian Government to steamroll local our planning, and allow developers a free-for-all in our community,’’ she said.
“The community continues to make it very clear we do not want to end up like the inner west – sky rise units, no additional infrastructure funding, growing schools squashed into diminishing sites as units tower over playgrounds, no extra parks, no additional parking, public transport or road expansion.
“Again, it seems we have developers out there spruiking what is best for developers without considering the community’s needs.
“Some of these planning panels put the fox in charge of the hen house – panels of developers deciding on developments.
“Without a local voice, it is bad for our community.
“We need to have a voice in the future, not be steam-rolled by overdevelopment.
“Whilst we accept that our population continues to grow, this government cannot take away our local planning powers, COSS lands, green spaces, nor the quality village feel of our coastal communities.”

Media release, 4 Apr 2019
Leisl Tesch, Member for Gosford

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