We need to address State planning laws

I concur with the comments of WR Maynard of Woy Woy in the Forum of Peninsula News (Edition 466) regarding our elected councillors and council staff sympathising with our objections to over-development and non-complying development application, while doing the opposite.
I also concur with his comments that Council’s Greening Places Strategy is at odds with loss of our urban mature tree canopy with its impact on urban heat effects and climate change.
I believe that, if residents wish to see the return of planning power to local communities, it will need to be also addressed at the State Government level.
With 75,000 people being projected to be added to the Central Coast population by 2036, Council will be under pressure to increase housing, with minimal regard to its impact on local neighbourhoods.
For better planning we need to address State planning laws which have slowly eroded local council and local residents’ control of our local environments and to challenge population growth targets.

Email, 27 Mar 2019
Suraya Coorey, Woy Woy

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