We had a different NBN experience

Neil Keele (Coast Community News editions 203 and 204) has clearly had a rough time with the NBN, but I have to say our experience has been the opposite.
We moved to North Avoca two years ago.
The NBN appointment was made, the technician turned up as planned and went out of his way to install and test the equipment, and indeed, did more than was required, because he had to link two buildings on the site.
Our service provider, TPG, on the other hand, offered a “superfast” broadband service which was never superfast, and we eventually complained to the TIO and got a refund.
But the NBN has been reliable and the service, whenever we have had a problem, has been good.
So I feel for Neil, but for those about to get embroiled with the NBN, don’t despair.
It can be all that it’s cracked up to be.

Email, Apr 1
Stuart Scowcroft, North Avoca

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