Rod Bower will run for the Senate

Rod Bower

Human Rights activist, Rod Bower, will run for the Senate at the forthcoming Federal Election, alongside other climate-focused candidates, with Independents for Climate Action Now (ICAN).
The Gosford Anglican priest is expected to launch his campaign this week in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens.
He said his decision to stand for election followed a lengthy “discernment process”, during which he was “working out where I can best offer what I have to offer”.
“A lot of doors were opening, but they weren’t doors I wanted to walk through,” he said.
“Then I was approached by this group of Independents who take climate science seriously and this was a group I wanted to be associated with.
“Candidates in the group have interests across a broad spectrum of issues, but we all agree on climate issues.”
“In the end, I decided to let the people decide.
“If I am unsuccessful at the polls, I will assume that people are saying ‘keep doing what you are doing’.”
Bower has taken long service leave until after the election and will return to his position at the church if his bid for the Senate fails.
The main thrust of his campaign will be the need for immediate action to combat climate change.
“It’s the big issue,” he said.
“If we don’t get this right, it doesn’t matter what else we get right.
“All policy has to be climate informed.
“And we have to take the politics out of it, combining across the political spectrum to approach climate change from a scientific base.”
Bower said climate-informed legislation was vital to the survival of our species.
“We all want our grandchildren to live happy, healthy and productive lives and it is incumbent on us to leave them a world in which they can do that.
“We need to tackle misinformation and let people know that there is a new economic paradigm, an ecological one, driven by the planet.”
As well as pushing for climate-informed legislation, Bower said he would also advocate listening more to the indigenous peoples of Australia.
“Legislation needs to be Uluru informed as it is vitally important to the national psyche.”
Human rights will also be high on the radar for Bower, who became widely known nationally and even overseas for the often provocative signs displayed outside his church, reflecting on a range of political and human rights issues.
A finalist for the 2019 Australian Human Rights Medal, Bower said he was “committed to being part of the movement to restore our standing in the world and our communal sense of dignity”.

Media release, Apr 8
Rod Bower, Candidate for Senate
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Rod Bower, Candidate for Senate
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