Councillors should resign if running for higher office

After learning that Central Coast Councillor for The Entrance Ward, Jilly Pilon, is now running for the Federal seat of Dobell, I’m curious if she’ll resign from Council, as during the next two months or so, she will be concentrating on the Federal election not council duties, which should take precedence over the election.
As I have stated before when Councillor, Jeff Sundstrom, ran for the state seat of Terrigal, if our Council representatives want to run for higher government positions, they should stand on their own without having the backup of being a Councillor if they are unsuccessful in their effort to further their political ambitions just to satisfy their egos.
If Jilly is serious about being the Federal representative for Dobell, then stand up and be counted and resign from Council.
The people will see you are there for the right reasons, for them, not just to see if you can win and further your political ambitions; or will she do as, Jeff Sundstrom, did, hedge her bets, run for the seat, and if unsuccessful, stay where she is?
Stand up and be counted if you are serious about being the Federal representative.

Email, Apr 4
Carl Veugen, Umina

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