Learn about political candidates before you vote

As voters at all levels of government, residents would hope and think that those who we elect understand, comprehend and respond to our concerns in our local communities, yet very few of us know most of the candidates and what they personally stand for.
We don’t know their backgrounds or if they are merely making up the numbers.
Most stand behind their political party banner and rarely speak on their own behalf.
Recent legislation introduced to the NSW Electoral Commission allows any individual wanting to stand for your region at any level, no matter what party, not to have to divulge their contact details, therefore becoming a stealth candidate that cannot be contacted or questioned.
Surprisingly, Federal MP’s are increasing in the ethical and honesty ratings and now sit at a massive 17 per cent approval rating by voters.
Obviously, there is no surprise that bank managers and religious groups are down on percentages.
A Roy Morgan research poll (2016-2017) found nurses on the top of the list for ethics and honesty.
Pharmacists came in second with bank managers hitting the heights of 16th on the list of 30 professions in the survey, way before the Royal Commissions.
Federal MP’s ranked 23rd with State MP’s coming in just behind at 24th, slightly ahead of stock brokers, real estate agents and car salesmen.
Who are these predominately faceless people that wish to represent your views for the next few years, at all levels of government?
Do they have the credentials?
Have they got their finger on the local pulse and will they effectively and honestly represent your views?
Why not ask now, before it is too late?

Email, Mar 13
Gary Blaschke, Lake Munmorah

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