A high level of renewable energy production is not affordable

I have written to my local member, Emma McBride, some 2 weeks ago (at the time of writing) about my concerns over energy policies being espoused before the May election, and to date, she has been unable, or perhaps unwilling, to answer me.
Labor, the LNP and the Greens are going to this election with goals of 50 per cent renewable electricity production and a 45 per cent reduction in emissions by 2030 (Labor), 23 per cent reduction in emissions and 26 per cent to 28 per cent of renewable electricity production by 2030 (LNP), but neither side is telling us about the costs of these policies.
The Greens’ policy of 100 per cent renewable energy production and a closing down of the coal industry by 2030. is so irrational. that no reasonable person could consider it.
Dr Brian Fisher is Australia’s leading researcher into energy policies and has worked for every Australian government since the Hawke Government.
In his report released in March, (http://www.baeconomics.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Climate-Policy-Report-14March19.pdf) he costs Labor’s policies at a $1.2 trillion hit to our Gross National Product (GNP), a lowering of real wages and a substantial reduction in jobs relative to current conditions.
He also costs LNP objectives to be a $293 billion hit to our GNP relative to current conditions.
Neither Labor nor the LNP want you to consider the research of Australia’s leading research organisation because it does not fit their narrative.
Labor instead has quoted Dr Warwick McKibbin, but Dr McKibbin has made two points, the first being that he has been erroneously quoted by Labor, and the second, his research is old and for it to be considered, it would need to be updated.
Labor glibly says that renewable energy will reduce energy costs and create jobs in a new industry, but they cannot provide any proof of this and in fact the experience of countries around the world put the lie to these claims.
We only have to look at our own States that have pursued renewable energy the hardest, South Australia and Victoria, who now have our most expensive power.
China is quoted by those pushing for renewable energy, and in fact they have built an industry supplying renewables because of their cheap labour costs, something that due to our high labour costs, we could never compete with.
But in addition to this, the Chinese are not stupid.
While they are building and using renewable energy, they are also building new high energy low emission power plants at six times the rate of output of their renewables, and so is the rest of Asia, leaving Australia with the highest labour costs and almost the most expensive electricity in the world, a totally unsustainable situation and a recipe for disaster internationally.
Due to the costs to us of our subsidies to renewables and the associated costs of installing these, we now have the world’s most expensive electricity (now three times the cost per kw of electricity in Trump’s USA) and due to rise even more steeply under Labor’s policies.
So. it won’t just be Huggies taking their manufacturing business offshore.
Under both major parties’ policies. and especially Labor’s. you will see a flight of manufacturing jobs leaving Australia.
The other two sectors that will be hardest hit under the climate change policies will be agriculture and transport.
Labor has already said they will be mandating a limit of 105 grams per km of emissions on fossil fueled cars. but refuse to say how this will be achieved.
Of our top 10 selling cars. only one, the smallest and least powerful. can achieve this figure.
So what costs are Labor going to put on vehicles needed by most of the population, like utilities, family cars, SUVs, 4WDs or just a car powerful enough to tow a van or trailer?
They won’t tell us. and what about the existing fleet of older cars that Labor will need to get off the road to achieve their objectives?
Are they going to tax them out of existence?
Once again, it is what they are not telling us is where it is going to hurt.
And as with electricity prices, the people hit the hardest will be those on lower incomes, the retirees, the elderly, and those with large families that will be the most affected, where the cost of electricity. in comparison to income. is becoming a bigger mountain to climb every time the power bill arrives.
So as I see it, the major risk for us this election is not just what they are telling us, it is what they are not telling us that is going to ruin us.

Email, Apr 22
Peter Buckland, Somersby

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